Why me?

"Why Me?" Book cover

"Why Me?" is the story of Dallas, a very active and impulsive little boy who feels that troubles follow him everywhere.  Because of the many problems that occur around him, he asks, "Why Me?  Why does everything always happen to me?"

After falling off of a swing at school, Dallas ends up in the hospital with a broken leg.  He feels sad because of his "bad luck" and is afraid that all of his friends are mad at him.

Through the kindness and wisdom of an elderly man that he meets in the hospital, Dallas begins to realize that what he thought was "bad luck" is really the natural consequences of his own actions.

Angel In the Park


While sitting in church with her family, Sadie hears this scripture. On the way home from church on this bitterly cold and snowy night, Sadie sees a fire in the park and discovers for the first time that there are people who are without homes and who may be cold and hungry.

With her mother’s help, Sadie decides to take some food and a warm blanket to the park where she leaves them at the stone statue of an angel. The word is spread at school, and soon other children and adults in the community begin to do the same.

This is the story of a young child’s ability to make a difference in her community. By doing so, has Sadie actually served an angel in disguise?

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